A key player in Abondance genetics, AURIVA works in partnership with the OS RAR to select the best AI sires for this beautiful mountain breed.

Thanks to advances in genetics and selection, milk volumes per lactation have risen by almost 50% in 20 years. The fruit of listening to breeders’ needs, of decisions taken around genomics, the introduction and mixed use of young sires, of various consultations with the industry, but also of technological progress (sexed semen, genotyping, etc.), this genetic progress is above all the result of a strict selection process and the symbol of cooperative progress for the collective!

The 5 ranges of AURIVA bulls reflect the selection guidelines defined in consultation with breed stakeholders, and aim to improve production (quantity and rate) and udders, as well as morphology, longevity, legs and breed standards.

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Abondance breed selection scheme

AURIVA-Elevage is the project manager for the Abondance breed selection scheme, working in close collaboration with the OS RAR, and draws on all the human and technological resources at its disposal to offer you the best bulls in the breed. Through the various stages of the selection process (selection of PATs, MATs according to current thresholds, matings, etc.) and with the members of the various commissions, some twenty genomic sires and 5 to 10 confirmed sires are proposed to you each year.


To select the best animals in your herd, genotyping is a precious ally. Reinforced by the use of sexed semen, genotyping to guide the renewal of your herd is a strategy that pays off. Production, morphology, functionality, breed qualities, health, abnormalities, lineage… genotyping accelerates genetic progress and performance in your breeding operation by directing you towards the females that best match your strategic orientations.

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Making progress with embryo transplants

For greater and faster genetic progress and increased variability, opt for embryo transplantation and biotechnology. With the support of a highly experienced TE field team and new contracts drawn up by AURIVA and members of the Genetics Committee, you’ll be able to :

  • leverage your best strains,
  • reduce the time between generations
  • conserve strains that could be affected by health problems

For more information on available contracts or embryos,

Please do not hesitate to contact your Breed Technician: Philippe Boulens: or +33 6 84 58 91 00

With YPERIOS crossbreeding, make the most of all your females

With YPERIOS crossbreeding on dairy cows, a brand born of the combination of the INRA 95 and Excellence Charolais breeds, you can boost your income. With the genotyping / sexed semen / crossbreeding triptych, you opt for genetic progress and gains in both milk and meat.

YPERIOS is the guarantee of a high-performance, safe and long-lasting crossbreeding; it’s the promise of both easy births and conformations well above those of a dairy calf at 3 weeks.

Abundance enthusiast and YPERIOS user,

Francis Chapoul, a breeder in the Cantal region of France, talks about his breeding strategy, the use of genomics and young Abondance AURIVA sires, and his use of YPERIOS crossbreeding.


Originally from Haute Savoie, Abondance is France’s4th-largest dairy breed, with 81,325 head (BDNI 2022). The Abondance breed can be found in all mountainous regions (Massif-Central, Southern Alps and Pyrenees), as well as on the plains, where Abondance herds can perform extremely well in favorable conditions. Anchored and adapted to its territory, the Abondance is a good walker and resistant to temperature variations. It takes full advantage of its environment and diet. A hardy, robust cow, its longevity and good health are among its undeniable assets.

The breed is well categorized as “mixed”, i.e. with a dual purpose: dairy and with real added-value meat at culling, with carcass yields of 60%.

Medium-sized, with muscles suited to difficult terrain, the mahogany pigmentation of its coat, its glasses, its black hooves and its fine, dry legs finished with thick black horn enable it to adapt and evolve in different systems and geographical and climatic contexts in France and abroad. The breed is highly prized for its robustness; its eyeglasses are particularly sought-after as they provide natural protection against summer flies and associated diseases. All these qualities of hardiness are the keys to why the Abondance breed has been exported so extensively (in the form of insemination doses as well as live animals) to South America.

Last but not least, Abondance is first and foremost renowned for its cheesemaking qualities.

Thanks in particular to its excellent TB/TP ratio, milk from Abondance cows is used in no fewer than 12 PDOs, including Abondance, Reblochon, Beaufort and Tome des Bauges, as well as 3 IGPs (Tomme, Raclette and Emmental de Savoie).

Thanks to the commitment of breeders, breeders, the industry and the AURIVA technical and selection team, Abondance is more than ever a proud ambassador for its region.