Placed under the sign of renewal, the AURIVA range of artificial insemination bulls once again offers you the best of Bazadaise genetics.

Indeed, yesterday’s young bulls are asserting themselves with high-quality production. NINO and ORAGE thus become sure values for mixed-type production and PATCHARAN reveals the morphological potential of its descendants.

The first calves from RIO and RADON, recently born or expected in the coming months, will enable us to confirm the potential of these two young sires. Finally, SAMADET, a new young bull with a prestigious pedigree and remarkable on-station performance, has been added to the AURIVA genetic offer, providing a catalog with ever greater variability in pedigrees and genetic level.

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Bazadaise selection scheme

In partnership with Excellence Bazadaise and designed to optimize genetic progress in your herds, the AURIVA selection program is built around your concerns and breeding strategies. AURIVA delivers high-quality genetics for high-performance sires, thanks to the reliability of its selection process, the use of tried-and-tested techniques and the application of the last innovations in line with breed standards.

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Why not try embryo transplantation?

Excellence Bazadaise and AURIVA have set up an embryo bank from donors identified for their genetic interest and original pedigree. These embryos are available to all breeders wishing to acquire purebred animals to start selection work with the Bazadaise breed on their farm. We offer embryos from prestigious cows such as INDIRA, champion of the Vieux Boucau national competition, or LAVANDE, dam of the SAMADET bull.

For further information, please contact Ludovic Izard, Meat Genetics Manager.

La Bazadaise

With its gray coat, light-colored mucous membranes, rounded musculature and broad chest and pelvis, the Bazadaise proudly displays its colors. A hardy cow that adapts well to all types of soil and makes the most of roughage, the Bazadaise is renowned for its maternal qualities and ease of calving. Docility and adaptability are also among the qualities that appeal to breeders of this breed from southwest France.

She is also long-lived, fertile and fruitful, and her ability to produce one calf a year makes her a profitable cow. With its tender, flavorful meat, its butchery qualities are now recognized as far afield as Australia and South America.