3 July 2024

Auction of Blonde d’Aquitaine cows and heifers

On September 5, the Qualités Maternelles station in Casteljaloux will host its traditional cow and heifer sale. During this Open Day, breeders who wish to visit us to appreciate the offspring of the sires in the series whose maternal qualities have just been evaluated, and to take part in the sale of these females, are most welcome!
18 June 2024

Meeting with GAEC DES RAPILLES (Engins 38) A major player in AURIVA genetics

GAEC DES RAPILLES is based in Engins in the Isère department. Situated at an altitude of 900m, it is now run by Philippe MOINIER and Alain FRANCOZ. Meeting with Josselin FRANCOZ, employee on the farm and future owner of the business
17 June 2024

Tarine finds its place in the Pyrenees!

"The GAEC exists thanks to the work of 5 generations of dairy farmers since the beginning in the 1960s, and the production of cheese in summer pastures. My grandparents milked cows of the Brune and Montbéliarde breeds, joined in the 90s by my mother, Gisèle. In 2003, they decided to stop dairy farming and switch exclusively to veal calf rearing. When I set up in 2011, we created a GAEC and built up a dairy herd, a barn and a cheese dairy. In 2016, my brother David joined the GAEC, bringing with him a herd of Gasconne suckler cows (the local breed here!).
19 March 2024

AI and controlled breeding: the GAEC des Patureaux, a factory of champions!

In the heart of the Deux-Sèvres region, in Epannes, Jean-Pierre and Marie-Noëlle CAILLE passionately run a farm of 70 Blonde d'Aquitaine dams: the GAEC des Patureaux. The GAEC des Patureaux has bred no fewer than 6 AURIVA bulls, a heritage of excellence that marks the success of the farm.
19 March 2024

Meat, milk and genetics: the winning combination at GAEC BARAUDERIE

GAEC BARAUDERIE is Laurent, Etienne and Joachim MICHAUD, three brothers associated on a 370 ha farm at Saint Maurice Étusson in the Deux-Sèvres département (79). The three brothers raise 140 Blonde d'Aquitaine dams and 100 Holstein cows.
20 February 2024

EARL GURE ARTEAN: combining tradition and modernity

EARL GURE ARTEAN, located in Labets-Biscay in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques region, is the fruit of the hard work of the TRENTHOMAS family. The farm, created in 1992 as GAEC MAITRENIA, was joined in 2000 by two brothers, Jean-Marc and Patrick. The arrival of nephew Pierre in December 2022 adds a new dimension to this agricultural heritage.
20 February 2024

Controlling inbreeding, a major challenge for continued progress

Variability management is an essential issue for breeds with small populations that are unable to source from third countries. If the selection system were not careful to increase the number of origins and the value of original pedigrees, this would lead to a multiplication of genetic anomalies and, in the long term, the impossibility of working with purebreds.