Year after year, AURIVA’s Gasconne offering grows to offer you ever greater diversity in sire profiles and pedigrees.

Whether you’re looking for promising young sires or proven catalog values, AURIVA puts the emphasis on breed qualities and hardiness in its selection.

ROC and SEVEN, the two new 2023 models, offer us a combination of performance and maternal qualities for a high-quality renewal. They complete a fine range of reference bulls for maternal qualities, high-performance weaning bulls confirmed by their progeny evaluations, as well as some of the most interesting young bulls from the latest breeding station series.

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Gasconne selection scheme

The selection program for AI sires in the Gascon breed is based on a solid partnership with Gascon Group. Through the various stages of selection and evaluation of the scheme, we aim for the greatest possible reliability of the sires chosen to be offered. Our selection program is both a vector of genetic progress and consistent with breed objectives, delivering performance and satisfaction.

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Winning crosses with YPERIOS and early meat Blond bulls

YPERIOS is an AURIVA-Elevage innovation designed to help you implement your crossbreeding strategy for Gasconnes. With YPERIOS, you can make the most of your cows’ maternal potential and maximize the quality of your grazers:

With the YPERIOS EXC (Excellence Charolais) range or with blond bulls such as GLACON or MELKIOR, get the most out of your herd. And to optimize even further, think of sexed semen to manage your renewal:

La Gasconne

A hardy breed, adapted to both extensive and intensive systems, Gasconne of the Pyrenees stands out for its resistance and resilience. Recognizable by the black tips of its horns, its black eyes, mucous membranes and hooves, as well as its silvery coat and short hair, the Gascon is able to adapt to the extreme temperatures of its environment.

While hardiness is one of its major assets, it is also an easy and profitable cow to raise. Her good legs, health, feed efficenty, ease of calving, longevity, docility… make her a productive cow.

Renowned for its juicy, marbled meat, in 1997 Gasconne of the Pyrenees was the first breed to be awarded the “Label Rouge Bœuf Gascon ” Pure Breed, Pur Taste “” label for large, hardy cattle, now known as “Le Vrai Bœuf” for males and “Laissez-vous fondre!” for cows and heifers.