A world-renowned breed, the Brune or Brown Swiss was introduced to France in 1786, first in the Côté d’Or and then a few years later in the Tarn.

A dairy cow whose qualities give her a solid profitability, she draws her particularity from a very interesting production/rate ratio and is particularly appreciated for her cheesiness.

The Brune also appeals for its longevity and resistance to disease. Based on a morphology that allows easy calving, Brown Swiss also benefits from a lower turnover rate.

Suitable for extensive, intensive or organic systems, Brown cows make the most of their rations and are easy to handle thanks to their docility and intelligence.

Mating, advice… ?

Jérôme Lagarde, Brown genetics creation manager

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To guide your strategy and encourage genetic progress on your farm, opt for genotyping. Whether you’re choosing females for renewal, sexed semen or crossbreeding, genotyping enables you to make informed decisions based on reliable data and analysis of your animals’ genomes.

the ideal terminal cross also for Brunette

The YPERIOS cross (INRA 95 or Excellence Charolais) is the safe, long-lasting, high-performance cross. Whatever the characteristics of the crossbreeding sires you are looking for, AURIVA has developed a tested and reliable crossbreeding brand.

Because you are first and foremost a dairy farmer, our technicians have worked to select breeding stock that favours short pregnancies and easy births!

Revealing their potential at 3 weeks of age with exceptional conformation, YPERIOS crossbred bulls will bring you additional income thanks to calves with high meat and economic values. Try it and you’ll love it!

Are you seeing an increase in cross-breeding among your breeders? What are the reasons for this?

Crossbreeding is gaining ground among brown breeders everywhere: higher, more immediate income than by selling purebred animals to other breeders, the arrival of genomics and sexed semen… breeders have only good reasons to trust the “genotyping / sexed semen / crossbreeding” strategy: renewal based on genotyping and sexed semen increases the genetic level of the herd, eliminates potential health problems… while YPERIOS crossbreeding maximizes income without generating extra work.

A virtuous circle?

Exactly! Many brown farmers have gone organic, with lower land yields, less feed for the cows, more rationalized breeding, cows that are kept longer and therefore less need for renewal. With organic farming, we go back to grass, we produce less but healthier, we gain in milk quality and we also gain in meat by crossing and crossing more and more! From €50 for a brown calf to €200/250 for a crossbred calf at 3 weeks old, the calculation is quickly done…

Jérôme Lagarde, Brown genetics creation manager

To order doses or request genotyping

Please contact your insemination cooperative.