18 to 20 genomic bulls and 5 to 7 confirmed bulls in 6 ranges currently make up the AURIVA offer of Tarentais bulls for artificial insemination. With particular emphasis on genetic variability, which is very important in this small breed, the Tarine genetics offered by AURIVA are more than ever of the highest standard.

Genomics, sexed semen, control of the selection process, partnerships with local and national players, consultation with the industry… our actions are focused on genetic progress and your satisfaction.

Selected to improve breed qualities, milk quantity and quality (cells and rate), fertility, longevity as well as morphology, AURIVA bulls and their mixed use will see your herd progress and increase in value.

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Selection scheme for the Tarine breed

In collaboration with Cap Tarentaise, AURIVA-Elevage selects the best bulls for artificial insemination. Selected through a rigorous process and supported by the latest technological innovations available, the genomic and confirmed bulls on offer will bring you the genetic progress you’ve been waiting for. Find out how these exceptional breeding stock are selected.


Accelerate selection and genetic progress, improve renewal and breeding efficiency, manage inbreeding and control abnormalities… with genotyping, anticipate and control the future of your herd.
Whether it’s for functionality, morphology or production, choose the females that will add the most value to your system and that best match your breeding strategy.

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Making progress with embryo transplants

For greater genetic progress and ever greater variability, opt for biotechnology and embryo transplantation. Thanks to a high-quality TE field team and the new contracts established by AURIVA and members of the Genetics Committee, you will be able to :

  • multiply the best strains,
  • reduce the generation interval
  • conserve strains that may be affected by health problems.

For more information on available contracts or embryos,

Don't hesitate to contact your Breed Technician: Manon Raffour: or +33772231759

The Tarentaise

Originally from Savoie, the Tarentaise is France’s 8th-largest dairy breed, with 29,270 head (BDNI 2022). The Tarentaise breed can be found not only in the French department of Haute-Savoie, but also in the Massif Central, the Southern Alps, the Hautes-Alpes and the Pyrenees.

A small cow with measured production, the Tarine’s hardiness makes it a fine representative of its region. An excellent walker, it resists temperature variations and makes the most of its environment. With its black mucous membranes and uniform fawn coat, it is also naturally sheltered from the sun, as demonstrated by its great adaptability and possible acclimatization to different environments and systems.

Its slender skeleton and straight backline support a musculature perfectly suited to travel over rough terrain.

With short VIFs and easy calvings, this reputedly intelligent cow is pleasant to drive. Although they reach their adult weight and dairy potential rather later than some other dairy breeds, Tarine cows produce for a long time, enabling them to be profitable.

And this long production run is all the more interesting for its ultra-high quality.

Renowned for the cheesemaking qualities of its milk, it is used in 4 AOPs (Beaufort, Tome des Bauges, Reblochon, Abondance) as well as 3 IGPs (Tomme, Raclette and Emmental de Savoie).