With both established names and promising young bulls, the range of Aubrac bulls for the IA AURIVA-Elevage offers you ever greater diversity in pedigree and profile.

At the service of today’s and tomorrow’s breeders, our selection program gives you access to benchmark bulls for maternal qualities, high-performance weaning sires confirmed by their evaluation on progeny, as well as the most interesting young bulls from the latest breeding station series.

Their common denominator: hardiness and breed qualities!

A growing hornless range, Aubrac Milk program, bulls available in sexed semen… this wide choice of complementary bulls will enable you to fully implement your breeding and reproduction strategy.

In short, the quality and reliability of our program will deliver the very best in Aubrac genetics.

Mating, advice… ?

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Aubrac selection scheme

The Aubrac insemination bull selection program is based on a partnership between OS Aubrac and AURIVA-Elevage. With two key stages, evaluation at the La Borie breeding station and on-farm IBOVAL progeny evaluation, the selection program provides breeders with top-quality bulls. In this way, they have access to a wide range of broodstock that are vectors of genetic progress in line with breed objectives.

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The polled gene introgression program at AURIVA-Elevage for the Aubrac breed began with the marketing of AI doses for the OTTO EFB bull. SPIROU PP (RRC) is now listed in the catalog and available exclusively as sexed female semen, producing 100% hornless offspring.

No more dehorning constraints with SPIROU PP (RRC) products. Homozygous, he has the POLLED gene on both alleles (shown opposite as P and P). 100% of products express the hornless phenotype. The products of SPIROU PP (RRC) will be heterozygous. They will be hornless, but will carry the recessive horned maternal allele. Re-mated with horned animals, they will produce 50% heterozygous offspring that are also hornless.

OTTO – Hornless bull
Click on the image to see the diagram without horns


Would you like to improve the genetic level of your animals and optimize the management of your herd ?
Through SAS Genobrac, AURIVA-Elevage and Union Aubrac give you access to a service recognized for its reliability and its contribution to breeding management.

Results available with Genobrac genotyping :
  • Animal with or without bulldog anomaly
  • Animal with or without the mh gene
  • VCG results, Genetic accounting verification (father and mother parentage)
  • Genetic identification


  • EuroGMD chip analysis (including genetic identification markers)
  • BD status
  • Mh status
  • VCG

TypAubrac Mother

  • TypAubrac for a mother
  • taken at the same time as her calf


  • TypAubrac for breeders who are not members of Union Aubrac

Additional VCG

  • additional parentage achieved

For all requests

Please contact Genobrac's technical department on 05 65 68 57 90.

Cross-fertilize with YPERIOS to boost your revenues

An economic and strategic choice, crossbreeding hardy AUBRAC cows with YPERIOS also offers real working comfort. Ease of birth and strong growth, the reliability of YPERIOS 95 or YPERIOS Excellence terminal crosses means that all cows can be put to good use. With a wide range of exceptional sires, whatever their morphological characteristics, every cow will be able to find the right sire profile in the #secure, #optimize or #maximize segment.

YPERIOS guarantees efficient, safe and long-lasting crossbreeding!

Christophe Vialard, Aubrac breeder in Nasbinals, Lozère,

talks to us about his use of YPERIOS crossbreeding on suckler cows, his strategy for using sexed semen for renewal and how he maximizes his income with YPERIOS 95 and YPERIOS Excellence crossbreeding.


Originating from the basin of the same name, the Aubrac, the hardy cow par excellence, is not only identifiable thanks to its racial characteristics (color, head, black eyes, lyre-shaped horns, black tips…) but also capable of adapting to the harshest climatic conditions in any territory.

Its good legs, sturdiness and ability to make the most of a more than moderate diet make it a breed that is becoming increasingly popular not only in France, but also abroad.

A suckler cow with undeniable maternal qualities, the Aubrac is renowned for its calves’ growth on their mother’s milk and short calving interval. Great docility, great autonomy, very simple feeding thanks to good ingestion capacity, good longevity make this a pleasant cow, easy to raise and profitable.

A true symbol and pride of an entire region, Aubrac is also recognized for its high quality and aptitude for all types of meat production.

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