YPERIOS, the guarantee of high-performance, safe and long-lasting crossbreeding!

YPERIOS is a new-generation cross between dairy and suckler cows!
Bringing together the INRA 95 and Excellence Charolais breeds under a single brand, YPERIOS guarantees high-performance, safe and long-lasting crossbreeding.


Photo de couverture catalogue YPERIOS ALLAITANTE 2023/24

Catalog available only to Coopelso, EPV and XR Repro breeders. For all others, please download the pdf catalog.


Catalog available only to Coopelso, CIAM, EDS, Innoval, Sogen and XR Repro breeders. For all others, please download the pdf catalog.

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Genotyping, sexed semen, YPERIOS crosses
win twice: on milk AND meat!

By combining genotyping, sexed semen and outcrossing, you can optimize your matings, promote the genetic progress of your herd and boost your income: a winning strategy.


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YPERIOS, boost your income
Discover the advantages of YPERIOS crossbreeding in video

Cross-breeding made in AURIVA is not just about making money when selling calves, it’s above all about thinking globally to give breeders comfort and confidence in their work. 

Short pregnancies, ease of birth, calf viability, weight and conformation… the YPERIOS crossbreeding experts explain how and why the bulls in the range will become essential to your mating schedule (if they aren’t already!). 

YPERIOS breed diagrams

The result of the work of our engineers, field technicians and partners, the YPERIOS 95 and YPERIOS EXC schemes deliver high-quality genetics to produce terminal crossbred calves that meet the needs of all dairy and suckler breeders, whatever their renewal/crossbreeding strategy.


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Click to find out how our genetic technicians select and sort the best bulls in the YPERIOS range.

They testify

Breeders who use YPERIOS crosses

Dairy farming: INRA 95 crossbred calves boost profitability

Sylvia and Mathieu Durand have been managing a herd of selected Prim’Holsteins for over twenty years…

10,000€ extra income thanks to crossbreeding on my dairy farm

GAEC de Crocomby relies on crossbreeding its Montbeliardes with Charolais semen to boost income….

With crossbreeding: €190 more per calf!

Christophe Vialard, Aubrac breeder from Nasbinals in Lozère, talks about his YPERIOS crossbreeding practice with suckler cows…

€uroval, evaluate your gain in € !

The multi-award-winning €uroval is a genuine innovation in crossbreeding, since it evaluates  in euros the genetic gain made possible by the use of YPERIOS bulls.

Now available to dairy farmers, €uroval goes beyond the elements provided by VBF indexation, which is mainly concerned with the quality of finished products.

It incorporates traits relating to reproduction and calf birth, as well as beef qualities at 3 weeks.