An international breed, present on all 5 continents, the Jersiaise is the2nd most numerous breed in the world. Since the 2000s, it has seen spectacular growth in France, with +347%* more cows and around 41,000 AI in 2022 in France, including 27,000 purebred.

If the craze is so great, it’s because the Jersiaise has so many qualities. First of all, it leads all dairy breeds in terms of the protein and fat content of its milk, with an average added value of €100/1000 L. With an average of 5327 kg at 55.9 TB and 38.8 TP*, it also boasts exceptional cheese yield and one of the best milk digestibilities.

The Jersiaise also stands for longevity thanks to a morphology built to last, precocity with a first calving at 24 months, ease of management (docility, small size that facilitates interventions, gentle temperament) and good feed efficiency (2/3 the weight of a large-sized VL).

And with a 21% reduction in overall impact*, Jersiaise also does well for the environment, thanks to its small size, with lower water and forage requirements and therefore smaller surface area, and therefore lower phosphorus, nitrogen and methane emissions.

*Source: Jersiaise France

Coupling, advice… ?

Jérôme Lagarde, Brown genetics creation manager

Catalog 2023-2024


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