As a long-standing partner of the UMOTEST selection scheme, AURIVA delivers the very best in Montbéliarde genetics.

Available in the QUALITY, SERENITY, PROFITABILITY, PRODUCTION and MOPRPHOLIGY ranges in sexed or conventional semen, UMOTEST Montbéliard bulls will bring you satisfaction and performance. 

After the FROM’MIR and DIGER indexes in previous years, UMOTEST offers you a new innovation this year with the cataloguing of several heterozygous hornless bulls from 3 different sires and 2 female lines and available only available as sexed semen, 


Coupling, advice

Savoie Breeders’ Zone

François Delavoet, Montbéliarde Breed Technician

Coupling, advice

Zone Sogen, Coopelso and XR Repro for 43 and 63

Mélanie Thollet, Montbeliarde Breed Technician

Coupling, advice

Zone XR Repro for 69, 38, 26, 07, 04 and 05

Willy Quiron Blondin, Montbéliarde Breed Technician

Catalog 2022-2023


Accessible by simple sampling, genotyping today enables you to optimize your renewal and breeding strategy. Combined with sexed semen and crossbreeding, genotyping is the tool you need for your livestock.

Production, morphology, functionality, health (with new information on Johne’s disease) and reproduction data (with information on sexual precocity), genotyping in the Montbeliarde breed means benefiting from the best in genetic innovation to help you manage your herd.

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High-performance, safe and durable Montbéliarde crossover

With the YPERIOS terminal crossover, you can boost your income and opt for unrivalled working comfort. Because you’re a dairy farmer first and foremost, AURIVA has created YPERIOS and offers you a range of sires capable of adapting to all farms and all the objectives of breeders wishing to renew the best of their herd and crossbreed other animals.

Short gestation, ease of birth, calf vitality, ideal conformation at 3 weeks… YPERIOS crossbreeding bulls not only offer several profiles for each type of cow, but also safety and performance.

What are the most common breeding strategies you observe?

In my sector of the Haute-Loire, the genotyping/sexed semen/crossbreeding strategy is a given for almost all breeders, with YPERIOS EXC used predominantly. Altiligérian breeders leave very little room for conventional seeds.

The Montbéliarde breed is one of the most genotyped cow populations, and even if this comes at a cost cost, the combined use of sexed semen for renewal (higher UIS) and crossbreeding crossbreeding for the least interesting females (margin improvement) is always a winning choice.

Is the YPERIOS range suitable for Montbéliarde?

Montbéliarde, with its reputation as a “veal mould”, is an ideal crossbreed. With its mix and ease of calving, it would be a shame not to cross. Calves emerge well-conformed and sell very well at 3 weeks. All the more so in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region, where there has long been an outlet for “yellow” calves (YPERIOS EXC / Montbéliard crosses). With its excellent pelvis, the OPTIMISEZ and MAXIMISEZ profiles of YPERIOS EXC and YPERIOS 95 are perfectly suited to Montbeliarde. With YPERIOS, we’re adding value in no small measure.

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