As a partner in goat genetics developed by Capgènes, AURIVA and its member cooperatives mainly distribute insemination doses of the French Alpine and Saanen breeds, and account for around 35% of national goat insemination.

Renowned for the quality of their milk, the 2 breeds are also characterized by their ability to adapt to different territories, farming methods and climates.

Hardy, the Alpine is particularly present in Savoie, but represents 55% of females submitted to milk recording in France, and is able to acclimatize to a wide range of systems. Like the Alpine, the Saanen, a worldwide breed, is adaptable and has an excellent temperament, with performances (milk and morphology) that have been greatly improved by genetics and selection over the last few years.

Coupling, advice… ?

Guido Bruno, Caprine Genetics and Reproduction Technician

Catalog 2022-2023

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