Embryos and Biotechnology

Do you want to breed the best genetic in your herd and prepare the next generation? With AURIVA’s Biotechnology division, you can promote genetic progress in your livestock without delay.

Embryo transplantation for breeders

  • Enhancing the value of the best females
  • Accelerating genetic progress in herds
  • Change breeds quickly and cheaply
  • Generate an additional source of income
  • Building a genetic storage bank
  • Guarantee herd health status = no entry of outside animals and disease-free embryos
Technicien transplatation emp
Embryo flushing? Transfers? Advice?
Contact Pierre BURNOL, Embryo Transplant Technician
Technicienne transplantation embryonnaire
Embryo flushing? Transfers? Advice?
Contact Helene BONHOMME, Embryo Transplant Technician
Technicien transplantation embryonnaire
Embryo flushing? Transfers? Advice?
Contact Damien JOLIVET, Embryo Transplant Technician
Technicien transplantation embryonnaire
Embryo flushing? Transfers? Advice?
Contact Franck MARILLER, Embryo Transplant Technician
Technicien transplantation embryonnaire COOPELSO
Embryo flushing? Transfers? Advice?
Contact Vincent LACAZE, Embryo Transplant Technician
Embryo flushing? Transfers? Advice?
Contact Camille VAQUIER, Embryo Transplant Technician
Technicien transplantation embryonnaire
Embryo flushing? Transfers? Advice?
Contact Emmanuel SOUDRE, Embryo Transplant Technician
Spécialiste OPU-FIV  et R&D
Embryo flushing? or In vitro embryo production? Transfers? Advice?
Contact Giselle GAMARRA, OPU-IVF Management and R&D Specialist
Management/ contact terrain OPU / Programme  Génétique
Embryo flushing? or In vitro embryo production? Transfers? Advice?
Contact Serge LACAZE, Biotechnology Management, OPU field contact and Genetics program

For any information or service request, please contact :

For dairy breeds: Marie-Ange: or +33563825276
For suckling breeds: Loli Castet: or +33563825273

collections for 4364 embryos produced in IN VIVO
OPU-IVF for 567 embryos produced in IN VITRO
biopsied, genotyped, sexed embryos
in vivo and in vitro embryo transfers (fresh and frozen)

Our services

  • Access to the embryo bank (different contracts for different breeds)
  • Classical embryo transplantation
  • OPU-FIV (sexed semen, genotyping, etc.)
  • On the farm
  • In Station: boarding or outpatient

All options are available and customized based on the female, the objectives, and the budget.

Examples of OPU-IVF production for breeders

IRENE: European Champion 2016 – for Swiss, Spanish and French breeders

       IRENE: over 200 embryos sold in Europe

       In 12 months: over 200 sexed embryos 21 different bulls used 

ANDALOUSE calves :




SIRENE, daughter of IRENE by IVF and currently OPU-FIV donor at the Station: 48 embryos sexed in 3 OPU-FIV with 4 different sires

ANDALUSIA: 7 months at Denguin Resort

  • 106 frozen embryos
  • 43% pregnancy rate /63 transfers

Why use our embryo bank?

Various embryo banks are available for Holstein, Montbéliarde, Brune, Simmental, Abondance and Tarentaise breeds, as well as Blonde d’Aquitaine, Aubrac and Limousine. They pool embryos of high genetic value, accessible at attractive prices to breeders subscribing to a specific contract for :

– Develop high-level, varied genetics within a herd.

– Participate in the genetic creation of tomorrow through a collective program, and play an active role in this creation.

– Benefit from attractive prices and income from product sales (embryos, heifers, males)

– Benefit from the advice of qualified professionals

– Define precise selection choices

– Creating a breeding dynamic

Why use our embryo bank?

The Denguin Station, an indispensable tool

Opened in 1994, the Denguin Station is an essential tool for embryo production. Serving the Blond d'Aquitaine, YPERIOS and Aubrac breeding programs, as well as Brown, Holstein, Montbéliard and Jersiais, and providing services to breeders, the Station ensures optimum animal management. They benefit from continuous monitoring of their diet and health.
The heifers are fed unlimited hay and 3 kg of complete feed, guaranteeing an excellent end to their growth, and their heat is detected by appropriate devices.
This operation considerably increases the number of embryos collected. Sanitary standards are very strict, and females entering the station undergo sanitary tests on the farm as well as on arrival.
A partnership with the Toulouse Veterinary School also enables regular monitoring of the station.

To find out more...

What is Embryo Transfer?

Embryo transfer is a technique that involves transplanting an embryo from a “donor” female into the uterus of a “recipient” female.

While Animal Insemination remains the primary means of reproduction, capable of generating significant genetic progress, Embryo Transfer is a complementary tool which, when used properly, can increase the speed of genetic progress . This is why it is so widely used in breeding program.

A breeder can use the Embryo Transfer technique to have one of his high-potential females become an embryo donor, or if she is genetically less interesting, a recipient, by gestation of an “outside” embryo.

A 5-step process : 

  • La superovulation1

  • La collecte des embryons2

  • L’appréciation de la qualité des embryons3

  • Mise en place5

What are the advantages of In Vitro Embryo Production (IVP)?

The IVP technique produces more embryos than in vivo embryo production (Embryo Flushing). What’s more, it can be used to obtain embryos from slaughterhouse ovaries, from cows with reproductive problems, or from cows that do not respond positively to superovulation and conventional embryo production procedures.

The OPU-IVF technique produces embryos from a female in the first third of her gestation period. Like Embryo Transfer, this technique reduces the risk of disease transmission, shortens the interval between generations, and increases the number of calves from selected cows, thus speeding up genetic improvement.

Méthode de l'OPU FIV

Flash on OPU-IVF