Gain up to 25 days of age at 1st AI in Holstein!

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As a partner of AURIVA-Elevage, SYNETICS, the selection scheme of the INNOVAL and MASTERRIND cooperatives, offers an exclusive new index called PRECOCITY (PR).

It allows you to reduce the calving age of your heifers by up to 25 days in a single generation with the best bulls in your offer. Precocity is “the ability of the female to be inseminated early”, with 3 major challenges: high quality heifers, cost & time optimization and limiting the environmental footprint.


The cost of raising a heifer per day


The potential gain in production per day of life for calving at 24 months compared with 33 months.


What are the benefits for 100 cows and 35 heifers/year?

Gain up to

2000 €/year

Up to
of work saved

Up to
carbon footprint

Genotyped females

25 days gained and +1 index point for precocity at 1st AI and 1st calving

This new index will be of particular interest to you if you choose your bulls from the VOLUM and AUTONOM ranges.

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