Created at the same time as the YPERIOS brand, €uroval is an innovation for the practical evaluation of crossbreeding sires.


innovation on 3 levels:

An unprecedented genetic evaluation

which takes into account the impact of crossbreeding and new traits on seed fertility, gestation length, calving ease, calf viability and calf value at 3 weeks.

Genetic gains for bulls in €.

To reflect the reality on the farm, we have endeavored to highlight the difference in earnings between a Holstein bull calf and a crossbred calf. This clear vision of added value enables the breeder to implement a crossbreeding strategy and a choice of bulls in line with his breeding and economic objectives.

Evaluation of all crossbred sires on a common basis

With €uroval, you can compare crossbreeds and choose a sire free from racial constraints, focusing solely on the sire's contribution and production characteristics.


the reliability advantage

An indicator based on field data

€uroval is a database and calculator of over 5 million crossbred AIs, 2.5 million crossbred calves in the breeding-birth section and 200,000 calves in the fattening section, updated every 6 months.

Collaborative R&D

based on phenotypes from dairy farms in Innoval zones and from cooperatives involved in AURIVA crossbreeding programs, as well as from the VANDRIE group's fattening workshops.

A testament to the quality of YPERIOS crossbreeding

Supporting the national and international success of the YPERIOS brand, €uroval expresses the dynamism and know-how of our territories through the good € results of our crossbred bulls.

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€uroval wins Innov'Space award

The result of the work of our engineers, field technicians and partners, the YPERIOS 95 and YPERIOS EXC schemes deliver high-quality genetics to produce terminal crossbred calves that meet the needs of all dairy and suckler breeders, whatever their renewal/crossbreeding strategy.