"Marketing premium quality calves for maximum value at 3 weeks".

Crossbred calves in demand:

"I'm looking for heavy calves with maximum conformation. They need to start at birth and express their potential as early as three weeks old. I'm looking for muscle but also size to guarantee growth."

Bulls Maximize :

Sires capable of making the difference in weight and conformation


The added value of the cross expressed in €.


Conformation assessed on
butcher’s shop on the farm


Growth assessed on
butcher’s shop on the farm


Early muscularity at 3


Calf size at 3 weeks

Testimony of Pierre TECHENE

Pierre TECHENE, recently retired Prim’ Holstein breeder from Valentine in the Haute-Garonne department (31) at EARL de PROUZIC, started crossbreeding 7 years ago, combining it with the use of sexed semen. “With crossbreeding, we optimize our renewal by maximizing the use of sexed and crossbred semen,” explains Pierre.

Pierre TECHENE, always very much involved in herd management, inseminates the EARL’s best Prim’Holstein females in purebred: conventional semen for the cows and sexed semen for the heifers.

The other 50% of females are all inseminated with crossbred semen and almost exclusively with the YPERIOS 95 breed (INRA 95).

The EARL de PROUZIC processes the majority of its production, which is sold on the local market. Two-thirds of crossbred calves are sold at 3-4 weeks of age for veal calf production, while the remaining third, mainly females, are fattened up to 6-7 months of age and sold in crates for direct sale. “We aim for maximum value from our crossbred calves. We want bulls that are fertile, have good Birth Ease and transmit excellent beef qualities. We have used EVITO, FRANKY and JILOUK extensively on the advice of our inseminator.

Crossbred calves are reared in the same building as replacement heifers, in a nursery built in 2009. Compact and well laid out, it optimizes temperature all year round, ensuring good rearing conditions.

“With good genetics, the right feed and the right building, we can produce good crossbred calves with no more work than dairy calves. Crossbred calves are much more profitable! We’re going to increase production and sales of 6-7 month old fattened crossbred calves on the local market.

Long-term plans call for the farm to switch to organic farming, and to raise only Simmentals (the dominant breed) and Jersey females. To reduce their workload, the farmers are considering buying in heifers for renewal and cross-breeding their entire herd to increase the added value of calves for direct sale. The Simmental / YPERIOS 95 cross should produce crossbred calves with exceptional beef qualities.



Pierre TECHENE set up the family business in 1978, created by his parents.

The EARL is made up of 3 partners and employs 3 people

Utilised agricultural area (UAA): 127 ha, including 80 ha of grassland and 48 ha of hayland

Herd: 66 cows and 35 Prim’Holstein heifers

Average production: 7,800 liters

Farm involved in YPERIOS crossbreeding test


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