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Heading for performance!

The fruit of the joint efforts of AURIVA, Cap Tarentaise and the breeders involved, here’s a closer look at how the Tarentaise selection scheme works.

Every year, the Cap Tarentaise product committee selects between 50 and 80 sires and defines minimum requirements for each of the 16,800 females registered for milk recording. From the 1,500 or so cows that meet all these thresholds, VARGEN then proposes the 600 most appropriate matings for managing variability and genetic progress.

Breed technicians then qualify 350 to 400 mother-to-sire matings (MAT) during technical visits to farms. Around 120 male calves are born the following year and genotyped. Only 25 of these enter the breeding station after sorting by the genetic commission.

Finally, before entering production, a final selection is made to retain the 18 bulls in the series, seeking maximum diversity in the profiles proposed and in the origins.

Every year, genetic offers of this quality level would not exist without the daily commitment of breeders and the trust they place in our breed technicians. The scheme reflects mutual commitments, strong decisions such as the switch to genomics a few years ago, but above all results and genetic progress for the development of the breed, its sectors and above all its breeders.