26 January 2024

A JOLLY donor!

JOLLY, daughter of VORTEX was born on 08/07/2014 at GAEC L'ESPRIT DES MONTAGNES in MANIGOD (74). Spotted in 2018 thanks to genotyping, Yves DUNAND (the Abondance technician at the time) qualified her as a mother to bull (MAT). She will remain so for 4 years, leaving behind her the REGGAE bull (son of NOSTRESS) born in October 2020 and released in 2022 as a young sire in the AURIVA catalog.
18 January 2024

TE is a technical affair, but above all a team affair!

As in many aspects of genetic selection, the arrival of genomics in Abondance a few years ago has enabled biotechnologies, and in particular embryo transfer (ET), to take a step forward. Whether as part of a scheme to offer you the best breeding stock or for private use, TE is a powerful tool for genetic progress. In this brochure, we give the floor to Franck Mariller, one of the key players in the field of TE in Abondance. A seasoned embryo transplant technician, he shares his experience with us.