20 February 2024

Controlling inbreeding, a major challenge for continued progress

Variability management is an essential issue for breeds with small populations that are unable to source from third countries. If the selection system were not careful to increase the number of origins and the value of original pedigrees, this would lead to a multiplication of genetic anomalies and, in the long term, the impossibility of working with purebreds.
30 January 2024

Strategic and Genomic Visit: The 7-year milestone

Genomics has been used in our breed for 7 years now. For farms that have been genotyping from the outset, and have thus contributed to the creation of the reference population, we can consider that most of the animals in their herd have been genotyped.
6 December 2023

The industry and local breeds project

The local Abondance and Tarentaise breeds are historically present in the Savoie region and are linked to the PDO-IGP cheese chains. Today, it is essential to improve communication between breeds and the cheese industry, in order to reconcile the evolution of breeds with the needs of different users (breeders...), cheese makers...). By 2022, OS RAR, CAP Tarentaise, AFTALP, ILS, CERAQ and AURIVA have decided to implement the "Local breeds and the Savoie PDO-IGP cheese industry" project, which will take place in 5 actions, until 2024.
20 April 2022

Single Step: towards a better representation of genetic progress

The first Single Step indexation for dairy breeds provides an opportunity to take stock of this new development. Developed by French and international geneticists, it enables indexes to be calculated in a single step, harmonized internationally, corrected for genetic progress, and better integration of all genotyping data.