19 March 2024

AI and controlled breeding: the GAEC des Patureaux, a factory of champions!

In the heart of the Deux-Sèvres region, in Epannes, Jean-Pierre and Marie-Noëlle CAILLE passionately run a farm of 70 Blonde d'Aquitaine dams: the GAEC des Patureaux. The GAEC des Patureaux has bred no fewer than 6 AURIVA bulls, a heritage of excellence that marks the success of the farm.
19 March 2024

Meat, milk and genetics: the winning combination at GAEC BARAUDERIE

GAEC BARAUDERIE is Laurent, Etienne and Joachim MICHAUD, three brothers associated on a 370 ha farm at Saint Maurice Étusson in the Deux-Sèvres département (79). The three brothers raise 140 Blonde d'Aquitaine dams and 100 Holstein cows.
20 February 2024

EARL GURE ARTEAN: combining tradition and modernity

EARL GURE ARTEAN, located in Labets-Biscay in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques region, is the fruit of the hard work of the TRENTHOMAS family. The farm, created in 1992 as GAEC MAITRENIA, was joined in 2000 by two brothers, Jean-Marc and Patrick. The arrival of nephew Pierre in December 2022 adds a new dimension to this agricultural heritage.
20 February 2024

Controlling inbreeding, a major challenge for continued progress

Variability management is an essential issue for breeds with small populations that are unable to source from third countries. If the selection system were not careful to increase the number of origins and the value of original pedigrees, this would lead to a multiplication of genetic anomalies and, in the long term, the impossibility of working with purebreds.
30 January 2024

Strategic and Genomic Visit: The 7-year milestone

Genomics has been used in our breed for 7 years now. For farms that have been genotyping from the outset, and have thus contributed to the creation of the reference population, we can consider that most of the animals in their herd have been genotyped.
26 January 2024

A JOLLY donor!

JOLLY, daughter of VORTEX was born on 08/07/2014 at GAEC L'ESPRIT DES MONTAGNES in MANIGOD (74). Spotted in 2018 thanks to genotyping, Yves DUNAND (the Abondance technician at the time) qualified her as a mother to bull (MAT). She will remain so for 4 years, leaving behind her the REGGAE bull (son of NOSTRESS) born in October 2020 and released in 2022 as a young sire in the AURIVA catalog.
18 January 2024

TE is a technical affair, but above all a team affair!

As in many aspects of genetic selection, the arrival of genomics in Abondance a few years ago has enabled biotechnologies, and in particular embryo transfer (ET), to take a step forward. Whether as part of a scheme to offer you the best breeding stock or for private use, TE is a powerful tool for genetic progress. In this brochure, we give the floor to Franck Mariller, one of the key players in the field of TE in Abondance. A seasoned embryo transplant technician, he shares his experience with us.