19 March 2024

AI and controlled breeding: the GAEC des Patureaux, a factory of champions!

In the heart of the Deux-Sèvres region, in Epannes, Jean-Pierre and Marie-Noëlle CAILLE passionately run a farm of 70 Blonde d'Aquitaine dams: the GAEC des Patureaux. The GAEC des Patureaux has bred no fewer than 6 AURIVA bulls, a heritage of excellence that marks the success of the farm.
19 March 2024

Meat, milk and genetics: the winning combination at GAEC BARAUDERIE

GAEC BARAUDERIE is Laurent, Etienne and Joachim MICHAUD, three brothers associated on a 370 ha farm at Saint Maurice Étusson in the Deux-Sèvres département (79). The three brothers raise 140 Blonde d'Aquitaine dams and 100 Holstein cows.
20 February 2024

EARL GURE ARTEAN: combining tradition and modernity

EARL GURE ARTEAN, located in Labets-Biscay in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques region, is the fruit of the hard work of the TRENTHOMAS family. The farm, created in 1992 as GAEC MAITRENIA, was joined in 2000 by two brothers, Jean-Marc and Patrick. The arrival of nephew Pierre in December 2022 adds a new dimension to this agricultural heritage.