11 December 2023

AI, embryos, YPERIOS crossbreeding, hornless: the quest for genetic progress with AURIVA-Elevage

In the heart of the Aubrac region, in the commune of Argences-en-Aubrac, Corinne and David Boudou have been using the services offered by AURIVA and their breeding company Coopelso since the very beginning to develop the genetics of their young herd.
22 November 2023

YPERIOS: The cross that ticks all the boxes

Jacques Passereau, a Holstein breeder in the Sarthe region for 33 years, has been crossbreeding for several years to supplement his income from milk sales. While he used to crossbreed exclusively with BBB, he has now switched to 100% YPERIOS. He tells us how and why the change came about.